To-Do List
Animated To-Do List

A clean and functional to-do list app with animations. Add, check off, and delete items.

RGB Game
The Great RGB Color Game

Built as part of Colt Steele's Webdeveloper Bootcamp using Javascript and jQuery.

Pixel Art Maker
Pixel Art Maker

Built as part of Udacity's Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship: Front-End Web Dev course using Javascript and jQuery.

Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation Suite

A Southern coastal themed full wedding suite with Save the Date and Formal Invitation.

Weather Viewer
Local Weather Viewer

A freeCodeCamp project that uses geolocation and an API request to show weather conditions based on the user's location.

Baby Shower Invitation
Baby Shower Invitation

Invitation and Thank You card set designed for a pink and navy blue themed baby shower.

Wikipedia Searcher
Wikipedia Searcher

A freeCodeCamp project that uses Wikipedia's API to show a list of articles based on the user's search terms.

Birthday Invitation
80s Birthday Party Invitation

Invitation for an 80's themed 30th birthday party.

twitch Status Viewer Status Viewer

Uses's API to show the current streaming status of a list of streamers, and allows the user to add streamers.